Christmas is the perfect time of the year to make some easy kids Christmas decorations with materials that you may already have in the house.

As I co-parent with my son’s dad and partner, we were discussing Christmas and they mentioned that they were putting up a 6ft Christmas tree for my son this year (in his bedroom), although they didn’t currently have any decorations for it.

This got me thinking, as I’m quite eco-conscious I wanted to avoid them buying plastic baubles for the tree and therefore I decided that we would make as many decorations as we could from materials we already had in our craft box to save them the money and waste of plastic.

I’ve also decided to do a buy nothing year for 2021 so this just really made me want to minimise my family and extended families carbon footprint as much as I could.

I think when you craft things like this with children it helps them to see that not everything comes from the store and I just love how much more special homemade decorations really are.

In this article:

  • Salt Dough
  • Toilet Roll Stars
  • Lolly Stick Snowflakes
  • Dried Fruit
  • Scrabble Tiles

Salt Dough

As long as you have table salt and flour you can make salt dough decorations for Christmas. These easy kids Christmas decorations can be made in any shapes. If you have Christmas cookie cutters then you can make Christmas trees, etc and they look so cute whether painted or not. We used a star, circle and moon shaped cutters as that’s what we have in the cupboard.

You can also use your children’s handprints for an extra special Christmas decoration or gift for someone if you prefer.

Make sure you make a little hole for the string before you bake them in the oven.

Salt dough Christmas decorations gold

I let my son decorate them exactly how he wanted to as it was for his tree, he chose gold paint as he loves gold paint. I think they turned out really beautiful and a great addition to any tree.

Toilet Roll Flowers

I was wondering whether there was something we could make with toilet rolls and I noticed on the wonderful Pinterest app that someone had made a wreath out of Toilet rolls so I figured that we could do something similar with toilet rolls.

My son wanted to paint them purple so we did that first and left them to dry.

I then cut them into very thin circles and squashed them slightly to make them more of an oval shape. Then we glued them together and painted the inside area gold.

Toilet roll flower purple and gold Christmas decoration

Once they were dry we attached sequins in the middle back and front and tied string to the top so they can hang. I didn’t know whether to describe them as flowers but as you can see just for a bit of cardboard they are quite effective.

Purple and gold toilet roll flower Christmas decoration

If you painted them green inside and out and attached something red in the middle they would look more like holly berries and foliage.

Lolly Stick Snowflakes

Making these easy kids Christmas decoration was probably my sons favourite bit as he could add his own flair to them. It takes 4 sticks to make one snowflake, however we’ve been saving these up for a while so we had enough to make several as you can see pictured.

My son decided to paint these purple first of all so we separated them out and painted them purple on both sides.

Blue lolly stick snowflakes

Once they were dry, I glued them together with my glue gun as I figured they would need something to properly secure them. However, if your child wanted to help PVA glue would probably do the job just as well.

Blue snowflake Christmas decorations kids

Once they were dry my son added his glitter etc to them to make them sparkly.

Dried Fruit

I personally loved dried fruit Christmas decorations on the tree and our tree has plenty this year. They might not be to everyone’s taste of course. When my son saw me making some this year he said, “Why are you hanging up shrivelled old orange?” which did make me laugh but once they were up he did say that they looked good. You have to love children’s honesty sometimes!

homemade christmas decoration dried fruit

Although these need to be sliced and put in the oven, children can always help thread the string on to hang them up if they’re old enough for that.

I sliced mine and put them in the oven on 100c for 4 hours, I then just turned the oven off and let them sit in there until the oven was fully cooled down.

Scrabble Tiles

You may not have scrabble tiles in the house but I wanted to include these because they’re simple but effective if you do have the tiles.

I used lolly sticks as the base and we painted them gold. We then added some little red gems from our craft box and glued the tiles spelling various words as you see below. Although a lot of it is fiddly work, school age children can spell out the words for you as their own way of helping. If they’re older children can assist more with the fiddly work of gluing the letters on.

Scrabble tiles decorations

When they were dry I just tied string around the very top of the lolly stick so they can be hung on the tree. These were my favourite easy Christmas decorations as I love the game scrabble and I love sentimental items with scrabble tiles on.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my post about easy kids Christmas decorations and it’s given you some ideas. Let me know in the comments as that would make my day. For easy play dough recipes check out my post.

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